The Lasting: (Gargoyle Legend) Book 1

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Monsters stalk the night.

Irisa Smith has one fear, walking under the moonlit sky. A witness to the savage murder of her parents, she has spent the last twelve years of her life neglected and alone. Compelled to return to the caves she once played in as a child, she discovers a living statue made of glistening black marble. Hauntingly beautiful, he represents her greatest nightmare and most illicit dreams. Only she has the power to release him from his eternal imprisonment, but to do so she must accept the power thrumming under her skin—one fueled by her worst terror: the night.

He has yearned for her in the darkness.

Antares is Gargoyle. Betrayed by one of his own, he was trapped in stone and left to die. Imprisoned in the shadows, she alone calls to him, her power and spirit a beacon in the dark. His destiny has always been, and always will be, Irisa. Her soft touch tempers the endless fury that fills him, and stirs a white hot desire in his veins. Together they must escape a crumbling mountain and flesh-eating Fiends. He must teach Irisa about her past, awakening the powers of her birthright as the last Mooncaller and his people’s only hope for survival.

Just For Tonight: (Victoria Bay Series) Book 1

Just Don't Go (Victoria series) Book 2

Tess Sinclair, rigid lawyer by day, 80's music aficionado by night, hardly has anyone in the world to call her own. But thanks to her "no-show" step-sister, she finds herself in an unsightly wolf costume, the foil to a Great Dane, "Little Red Riding Hood."

The Dog-o-Ween contest is a catalyst that sets off a string of events that include: Kade, a sexy, blue-eyed surfer; a burly neighbor that can't seem to take "get lost" for an answer; and a phone call that changes her life forever.

Is there room in her neatly ordered life for a relationship and more family than she ever knew she had?

The novella that started the Victoria Bay Series!
Ava Sinclair is finally getting everything she wants. She has a loving fiancé, a loyal and mischievous Harlequin Great Dane, and a fledgling business that is ready to take off. Or so she thought. An emergency trip to the veterinarian’s office has her racing home and finding her fiancé, Richard, doing the horizontal lambada with a bleach-blond bimbo. Her carefully constructed life is falling apart around her.
The last thing she wants is to travel to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, to party with her insistent step-sister, Tess. But at this point, she will do anything to avoid Richard and the bitter disappointment of a cancelled wedding. Little does she know she will meet a tall, dark and desirable stranger that promises her one night of fiery, all-consuming passion.
Derek Connelly is trying to cope with the death of his wife. It has been ten years, to the day, since she has passed. After a long stroll on the beach he discovers a long-haired beauty, perched on a hotel balcony, looking as lost and sad as he feels. In an instant, he knows he must find his Rapunzel and convince her they deserve more than just one, mind-blowing, night.

He wants forever..

Fervor: The Fervor Chronicles Book 1

His world is on fire.

A wrathful volcano is about to devour King Arun’s desert realm. With only days to total destruction, he dives through a mysterious portal in hopes of finding refuge for his people, but instead he arrives in a land of ice. Kidnapped and enslaved in this frozen hell, he spots her, his fervor. Her presence alone brings him into the full strength of his people, but his new power is dangerous and unpredictable. Somehow he must escape his captors and save himself, his kingdom, and the woman that is destined for him.

She has a heart of ice.Princess Caprice Nue’mon of the Glissante is unable to touch another living soul, as one brush of her skin ends in icy, painful death. Caprice has a secret, though. She can control the freeze. Unlike the vicious and emotionless aristocracy of her kingdom, she craves touch, passion, and fire—all liabilities in the world of Glissante nobility. Dreading her destiny to marry a man she has never met, Caprice is still terrified when an enslaved giant frees himself—and runs straight for her. Kidnapped, she must save herself, rescue her best friend from deadly politics, and find a way home.

Charm School After Dark: Lesson 1

Caelen Calvo has three meddling sisters, an employment problem, a married ex-boyfriend, and a massive headache from all the drama. Pass the wine, please. Her only hope of redemption comes in the form of a charm school that she and her sisters have recently inherited. The problem? The real money comes, not from manners and etiquette, but from naughty, after hour, classes that the sisters must take over and teach.
Caelen draws the short straw. The first topic on the charm school’s roster, well, let’s just say it involves her mouth and a man’s . . . Thrill Drill. If she were a cheerleader, she would chant: Give me a B to the J, rah, rah, rah—Caelen has four short days to research advanced techniques like The Corn on the Cob and The Twist and Twirl . . . plus prep the charm school for a blowout party and – oh yeah – find a man willing to be her temporary guinea pig.
Dare Lagos has been in love with Caelen since middle school. The former professional boxer, turned firefighter, has always fought for what he wants. The battle for Caelen’s heart is no different. Doesn’t matter that they used to bicker, endlessly, back in the day. Doesn’t matter that he has a cheating ex-wife that created serious trust issues. And it shouldn’t matter that he’s been suspended from his job as a Hot Shot, because he may have over-reacted when his ex-wife’s Boy Toy was assigned to his station. Nope. None of that matters except the taste of her smart mouth, the feel of her smooth skin and the smell of her sultry scent surrounding him. He wants Caelen Calvo—and he’s going to make sure that the only name on her short-list, is his.




              Lynn Carmer

                                   Author of Contemporary and Paranormal Romance